PHIITS The Right Inpatient Solution for your PHI Needs

Our Solutions

Avoid the risk of fines, sanctions and privacy breaches by using PHIITS, a comprehensive suite of tools, software, and services that was created to help you, the healthcare organization.

Add in Virtual Privacy and Virtual Security Officer support and you have a complete solution to your PHI needs!

What you get

  • Virtual Privacy Officer support!

  • Virtual Security Officer support!
  • Experienced Privacy and Security assistance on an ongoing basis
  • A library of proven Privacy and Security Tools, workflows, and templates with help every step of the way!
  • Software that gives you the ability to:

              -  Track Wrongful Disclosures
              -  Track IT Security Incidents
              -  Breach Analysis

              -  Reporting to the OCR

  • Plus Business Associate Tracking!   

... All for a low, monthly, budget friendly amount, perfect for any sized healthcare organization!