Solution Consultants

HIPAA compliance and breach prevention is required for Protected Health Information (PHI), and both Covered Entities and Business Associates have unique challenges to comply.

UMe's subject matter experts designed the PHIITS solution as a simple and affordable monthly subscription service that provides:

  • Access to a Virtual Privacy and/or Security Officer
  • Implementation of an organization-wide Privacy & Security Management Program
  • Tracking and evaluation of wrongful disclosures and potential Privacy & Security violations
  • Awareness, education and training of staff on PHI protection

Our Services

Interim Executives

We are committed to delivering quality clinical, business and IT solutions for our customers. Our subject matter experts draw upon their experience and deep knowledge of healthcare and IT systems to strategically and creatively help meet your goals.  

We can assume several different roles as your needs dictate:

  • Project Management
  • Application Design & Development
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Workflow Design/Integration
  • Change Leadership

Project Management

UMe team members are highly-skilled healthcare professionals that deliver project and technical services to clients across the country.  We provide healthcare subject matter experts with the functional expertise necessary to meet interim, project-based and consulting needs and deliver expertise on demand as a timely and cost-effective solution to critical business situations, including growth, peak periods, customer responsiveness, attrition, response to legislation, systems conversions and special projects.

Our consultants will give you the skills, experience and seasoning needed for difficult situations and projects.   In addition, all of our consultants have access to our array of project tools, methodologies and best practices.

We are successful only when our clients are successful!

Privacy & Security

Success is driven by ownership and participation from key stakeholders. And, making sure your IT projects are aligned with your organization’s strategic and tactical objectives will ensure they remain as priorities for your key stakeholders.  

We can lead:

  • Solution Assessments
  • Vendor Evaluation/Solution Selections
  • System Implementations
  • System Upgrades
  • Go Live Support

UMe Team Members

Hiring the wrong person into a senior leadership position is one of the most damaging and costly mistakes an organization can make. Factor in the length of time that’s often required to find the right person, and it’s easy to see why the temptation to settle for someone who’s almost right can be so strong. Many organizations use interim executives as a way of avoiding this pitfall.

Using an interim executive has a number of advantages:

  • Buying time to define the position and find the right person
  • Bringing the right skills for the transition
  • Providing a neutral, objective perspective
  • Positioning the new hire for success